Our Clients

Whether our client is an individual, family, business, or non-profit, we deliver on The Tealwood Experience. We believe communication is the cornerstone of that experience in building long-term personal, connected relationships.

Personalized, Customized Strategy

We call it Purpose-based Investing. Blending our portfolio strategies creates a custom asset allocation driven by your objectives. The resulting "My Strategy" is a deliverable that lays out your investment game plan in a concise, straightforward manner. Again, communication is not left to chance, and your "My Strategy" document includes a mutually designed communications plan that makes sense for you.

Opportunities to Learn and Connect

Lifestyle Events. Your 8 to 5 does not wholly define who you are and neither does it wholly define Tealwood and our team members. Our special lifestyle events provide opportunities to share time outside the office engaged in activities we mutually enjoy with our clients. We believe everyone benefits by deepening relationships, creating new connections, and gaining perspective by making our world bigger.

Educational Events. Expanding knowledge and gaining insight into investment-related themes is always a meaningful endeavor. Whether addressing market trends or hearing directly from the management of the companies we own in our portfolios, these events help keep you informed and in the know.

Visit our News & Events page for a listing of our upcoming events.

Service and Support

Tealwood’s culture exudes a passion for friendly, prompt, professional service. Our team actively looks and listens for opportunities to go above and beyond to assist you. In addition, your advisor is available to work with all the members of your financial team (e.g. CPA, estate attorney, insurer) to further support your goals and objectives. We help pull it all together as part of a fully coordinated and cohesive plan.

Visit our Financial Life Planning page to learn more about how we can help you in living a life of intention.