What is the purpose of your money?

To live boldly. To create a legacy. To live a quiet life. To see the world. To build a business. To educate. To advocate for and support the causes you have a passion for. To ensure your family is provided for. To retire how you want to. To do all of the above and more.

What is the Financial Life Planning process?

A Financial Life Plan helps point the way. It better equips you for the future, aligns your investment strategy with your values and priorities, and works to help you start realizing your most important goals and dreams in the near-term as far as possible.

Explore-Define-Refine-Execute-Challenge. Rinse and repeat. Using a variety of tools and processes tailored to each client and circumstance, financial life planning gets to the bottom of it, then puts you squarely on top with road map in hand. We may challenge preconceptions or encourage you to push your comfort zone, all in the spirit of discovery, to enable you to live your life with intention.

Creating your customized, purpose-based investment plan is one important piece. As your advocate, we can also coordinate your estate planning, tax planning, risk management, business concerns, philanthropy, education planning, retirement planning, and a host of other considerations that can impact your Financial Life Plan.

Get after it.

Waiting is unhelpful. Be it you, or us, or together, someone needs to firmly wrap their arms around your financial picture. Call or write and let’s start the conversation.

Financial life planning is about knowing where you stand now, seeing the vision of where you want to go, and understanding your path along the way.